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To my valued Customer I have sold my spring-making business. The last day I will be accepting work will be the 30th September. The new owners are New Zealand Spring Works Ltd. They are based in Wellington but have a presence through Dawson Springs and Wire ltd. in Christchurch. Your email and cell phone contacts will remain the same. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the custom over the last 10+ years and wish everyone the very best for the future. Brian Walker





Metal Springs & Services Limited (MSSL) specialises in the manufacture of hand wound springs and a range of metal services from spinning through to machining. MSSL services the whole of New Zealand from its Dunedin base, offering a range of springs including Compression, Tension and Torsion springs.


Whilst we mainly focus on "one-off" and low production runs (up to 100 items), MSSL can also supply commercial production runs of springs to your specifications.


MSSL can produce a large range of sizes from 0.3 mm diameter wire through to 8 mm bright wire, and 6.00 mm diameter for pre-galvanised and stainless steel.


While producing springs is the core business, MSSL is also able to offer a `manually operated' metal spinning service and small component manufacture.


The company is owned and operated by Brian Walker who works closely with all his clients to ensure their needs and requirements are met.


Knowing customers, keeping promises, getting it right and delivering a quality service is important to us.



As part of our quality assurance Brian will contact customers to ensure that the service provided is what has been expected.





MSSL does things the old way by hand with manually operated equipment!




Thanks for visiting our website - please take the time to explore further and hopefully your'll see how MSSL can assist your business.